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BBP Email Phase 2, Bigger & Better than the Original, Twice as much Commissions, Double Your Cash


Because of the Great Success of our original Program www.bbpemail.com
We are now Doubling all Your Cash Commissions !!!







For a one-time $50 order of the services listed below:

We have hundreds of Happy Original members in BBP Email Phase 1 that have been paid Hundreds of Dollars for their original $25 order. They will all be following into BBP Email Phase 2................

Don't hesitate and get left out in this large number of people that are Joining Right Now .................

In Phase 1 the members paid a one time $25 and were paid a $5 commission for 4 levels. Today You can join BBP Email Phase 2 for a $50 Yearly Subscription and receive $10 commissions on 4 levels for the rest of your Life...............

That's right because it is a Yearly Subscription You will never stop receiving those $10 Payments, they won't just be One Time but they will continue Year after Year for the rest of Your Life and continue to grow @ an alarming Rate............

Phase 2 works exactly like Phase 1 except that now You will Double Your Cash Commissions for Life

This Page can make You Hundreds of Dollars per Week..., Possibly Thousands!!!
The 4 members User names that are listed on this page remain on this page Indefinitely...
This page is promoted on the Internet to Thousands & Thousands of Prospects Indefinitely.
The 4 members on this page can make Unlimited Commissions Indefinitely, Possibly the rest of their Lives................

But that's not all, These 4 members not only have this page being Promoted Indefinitely but can have possibly Thousands of other Pages being Promoted Indefinitely throughout the Internet where they are listed in one of the 4 positions and they are receiving Unlimited $10 payments to their Payza Account. It is all Happening Now, and can be doing the same for You also...

Every time someone places an order from one of the many Affiliate pages that You are listed on You not only receive a $10 commission but more importantly You receive another commission earning position on a new Affiliates page that can be promoted throughout the Internet. Once You start Your first page it will begin to multiply page after page each time someone places an order with You listed in one of the commission earning levels. You will start with one page but after time You can have hundreds of pages with you listed in hundreds of commission earning Positions all being promoted Indefinitely throughout the Internet. And it will only grow stronger making You more and more Money.

We start out promoting Your site through Search Engines, Autoresponders, Safelist, FFA Mailers, and Opt in Email Advertising but before You know it many of Your upline and downline members that are listed with You on page after page will be promoting their pages Indefinitely with you listed and every time a sale is made You make a commission. The script also makes a new Affiliate Sales Page with You listed and this just continues picking up speed as it goes along.

When You join You will be placed in the bottom position on this page with the other members moving up one position. As people order, your position will move up towards the top position. You will be paid a commission each time someone orders from any of your Affiliates pages. The members above you are your sponsor and upline. The members who will begin to appear below you on your future Affiliate pages will be your downline.

But the most important thing to remember as each new Affiliate page is made you receive another opportunity to earn even more commissions. It will bring in order after order for it's entire life. And that is just one page. You can eventually have possibly thousands of pages circulating with Your membership in a commission earning position. And each time an order is placed you will have a new Sales Affiliate page created with You in a commission earning position.

If you only participate in one Program this year it needs to be this one. It only has a small annual $50 subscription payment and then You are done. You can join for free today and upgrade later. Or if You want to get off to a fast start Join and then upgrade today..., It's time to start Making Money Not Spending it...

Look @ the projection below to see what You could make in just 6 short months:

Remember each time a sale is recorded from Your original page or anyone's page in Your downline 4 levels deep you will be listed and promoted on the new affiliates site and that is for everyone in Your 4 level downline.

You will be earning commissions from a 4 level Affiliate Program on the sale of the services listed above.

When you first start there will only be one page promoted with You in line to earn a commission but remember with each new sale You receive another Affiliate page being promoted with you in another payment position.

1st month just 5 Sales = $50.00
2nd month 30 Sales = $300.00
3rd month 180 Sales = $1800.00
4th month 1080 Sales = $10,800.00
5th month 6480 Sales = $64,000.00
6th month 38,880 Sales = $398,800.00

This is with each additional page You are listed on only getting a miserable 5 sales per month. It could be much higher.

The 4 members to be paid from this page are below.


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